90mg / 100mL 99.95% Solvent-Free Organic Carbon 60 Olive Oil with Free shipping

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Facts about the product:

  • We source our Carbon 60 from MST-Nano and CheapTubes, both very reputable suppliers.

  • We ship 90mg C60 in 100mL of olive oil for a 0.90mg/mL ratio, which is the maximum stable concentration.

  • We use 99.95% Carbon 60, which is heated in a vacuum oven to remove any residual solvents.

  • We fully dissolve the C60 while stirring for 2 weeks in complete darkness, and then vacuum filter through a 0.22um sterilizing filter to remove any undissolved C60 particles.  The entire process is done in the dark in sealed containers to protect the oil from any degradation.

  • We use authentic Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, consistently tested to be authentic olive oil.  (Most retail olive oils are a blend and do not have the signature "peppery" quality of an authentic oil.)

  • We do not keep stock for more than 3 weeks. All shipped bottles are freshly produced.

  • We were established in 2014 and are experts at producing Carbon 60 Olive Oil correctly to the original specifications and to a high standard, using only high quality ingredients and methods.

  • Our product was independently tested by a third party laboratory on Longecity and received the highest rating.  Please see our cost breakdown in the images.

  • Made in Michigan, USA.

    We make no claims about the product.  It is intended for laboratory and research purposes only.  Not for drug, ingestion, inhalation, topical application, food, or household use. Keep out of reach of children.  

    No Carbon 60 Olive Oil of any kind or brand has been approved for human use by any official organization, and no formal research has been done on such.  Therefore, our product is for research and laboratory use only, and any use is at your own risk.  No other kind or brand would be any different.  It is absolutely not indicated to treat any condition or disease, and no short term effects have been demonstrated in any formal research of any kind.

    How is our oil so cheap? 

    We handle a much larger volume than other suppliers and buy ingredients in bulk.

    We supply our oil at a small profit to further the research community for this fascinating material.


    Cost breakdown:

    90 milligrams Carbon 60 (per bottle) = ~$6

         99.95% Carbon 60 from MST-Nano = $6500/100 grams = $0.065/milligram

    100 milliliters olive oil (per bottle) = $0.67

         Authentic extra virgin olive oil = $20/3 liters = $0.0067 per milliliter

    Bottle = $0.25

    Label = $0.25

    Merchant Fee = ~$2-3

    Shipping = ~$3-5

    Total cost per bottle = ~$13-14


    We charge a small fee for making it properly on our equipment and shipping it to you.

    Thank you for your business!